Is Christmas cancelled this year? No, of course not. If we are lucky, it will be a little less hectic this year and maybe even a little more contemplative!

A weaving art and a story

The Panama hat is not only a popular but also an extremely elegant companion under the sun. But where does it actually come from and how is this noble piece created?
Hat Berlin at the Traumzauber Christmas Market in Hannover | 13.12.2019 - 22.12.2019
Hut Berlin live & in color:
Until 09.12.2019 / ca. 21 o'clock on the Kapuzinerplanken Christmas Market in Mannheim
Creme Guides - the Online City Guide for exceptionally beautiful things - visited our shop Hut & Vino am Mauerpark and added us to her list of insider tips with a portrait of Hut.Berlin.

Wine and hat that fits well

From May 24th - 28th we will be at your side with our mobile hat stand with advice and deed....
The podcast "Hats of Berlin" deals with hats, caps and Berlin hat culture and also gives an insight into the mood in the hat capital Berlin.
In our current interview, we talk to Managing Director Markus Faustmann and the Head of Collections Matthias Imo from Hutmanufaktur Faustmann.

Berlin hat #3: Faustmann

The hat manufactory Faustmann from the Bavarian community Unteregg in the Allgäu in the border triangle Germany, Austria and Switzerland stands under the motto "hats for life" for consistent and high quality hats at comparatively low prices.
The hat label ReHats stands for real Berlin hat culture and manages to inspire again and again with crazy ideas. The latest coup: hats and caps made of recycled work clothes. The line is called Gewerkschafft and offers a whole range of different caps and hat models.
Sören Ipland makes well-known podcasts. He comes from Copenhagen, has recently moved to Berlin and in this episode sets off in search of the soul of hats.
The young Berlin hat label ReHats was founded by Stanislaus Teichmann and Stefan Korn. They only use reusable materials for their hats and caps. The hats made of coffee sacks are particularly sustainable and unique. They are made of 100% renewable jute and are extremely stylish. Perfect for a feature in our series "Gelebtes Huthandwerk aus Berlin".
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