Berlin hat maker #2: ReHats Berlin

The young Berlin hat label ReHats was founded by Stanislaus Teichmann and Stefan Korn. They only use reusable materials for their hives and meals. Coffee husks are particularly sustainable and unique. They are made of 100% renewable jute and are extremely stylish. Perfect for a feature in our series "Living hat craft from Berlin".

Berlin is no longer imaginable without these unique coffeeäcks. The designs have now found their way into concept stores and hat shops all over Europe. But success has been hard earned. “With every new delivery of coffee we get a new limited edition of Hüten or Mützen, usually 30-50 pieces with a print design. That's why we spend a lot of time to always provide the matching hat model with the matching print, “ Stefan Korn explains the complex process in an interview with For the Hutkäufer this means that you can be sure to receive a unique piece. But you can't order the same hat again.

espresso_hat_production_rehats_online_buyproduction of sliders "Espresso" with unique print

Jute raw material

The raw material jute is äsimilarly robust and öcolgical as hemp fibres. It is used to make coffee in the countries of origin of coffee in Südamerika. Meanwhile, there are also coffees to which plastic is added, but these are out of the question for ReHats. Until now, 60 kg of fine green coffee from Südamerika to Europe was simply disposed of after only one transport, and the transport of the coffee for refilling is not economical.

andraschko_coffee_blanket_rehats_berlin_online_buyStanislaus Teichmann with a delivery of coffeeäcke from the coffee manufactory Andraschko

That's why upcycling makes sense. At the beginning of their self-employment, the two founders of ReHats traded in a variety of upcycling products. Upcycling has become a constantly growing movement with the aim of providing a positive response to the throwaway society. Through innovative design, products that are mostly used and no longer needed in industrial processes are transformed into higher value products through creative processing. One of the best-known and commercially most successful examples are the Friday bags made from upcycelled truck tarpaulins.


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